Basics of cyber security

authorship : Dr. Adnan Mustafa Al-Bar | Dr Essa Rifai al-Sumairi

Our lives have become digital and without limits. From this standpoint, the importance of cybersecurity has emerged, and it is understood that the responsibility of cybersecurity is a common responsibility among all.

Basic concepts in cloud computing

authorship : Dr. Adnan Mustafa Al-Bar | a. Abdullah Awad bin Laden

Saw the nineties and two thousand calendar stunning and rapid development in information technology and the development of software systems and the Internet have contributed to the spread of many applications and contributed to this development, and services through the beginnings of electronic sites varied across the stunning and accelerated in the provision of many government services and private online portals and electronic platforms are identical. There is no doubt that these services have contributed to improving the business and increasing the efficiency of operating financially and administratively, but in return they added a burden,And improved beneficiary experience of service departments and information centers of each hand, increasing expenses and the costs of significant operating and growing, which was the inevitable result of the great development in IT services and is constantly .nahik growing than required by the technical services management and information centers of the human competencies of trained and qualified difficult In many times it is preserved, with the intensity of competition between companies and Governmental organizations to attract these competencies.

مفاهيم اساسية في الحوسبة السحابية​

النظم الموزعة المفاهيم والتصميم

translate by : Dr. Adnan Mustafa Al-Bar | Dr Abdul Rahman Hilal Al-Talhi Dr.. Hassanein Muhammad Al-Barhamtushi

This fifth edition of our textbook appears at a time when the Internet and the Web continue to grow and have an impact on every aspect of our society. For example, theintroductory chapter of the book notes their impact on application areas as diverse as finance and commerce, arts and entertainment and the emergence of the information society more generally. It also highlights the very demanding requirements of application domains such as web search and multiplayer online games. From a distributed systems perspective, these developments are placing substantial new demands on the underlying system infrastructure in terms of the range of applications and the workloads and system sizes supported by many modern systems. Important trends include the increasing diversity and ubiquity of networking technologies (including the increasing importance of wireless networks), the inherent integration of mobile and ubiquitous computing elements into the distributed systems infrastructure

information systeme analysis and design

authorship : Dr. Adnan Mustafa Al-Bar | a. عبدالله

A project authoring a book supported by the Deanship of Scientific Research at King Abdulaziz University and printing the center of scientific publishing at the university and it can be requested directly from the center. The link for the scientific publishing center is on the university’s website

information system analsis
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