Curriculum Vitae

Associate Professor, Department of Information Systems, College of Computing and Information Technology

A full-time consultant in the General Secretariat of the former Cabinet

King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

دكتور عدنان البار

Dr. Adnan bn Mustafa Al-Barr is an associate professor in the Department of Information Systems at the Faculty of Computing at King Abdulaziz University since 2005 AD, and he holds a master’s degree in Software Engineering from George Washington University in 1999, and obtained a PhD in the field of Mobile Computing University of Sussex in Britain in 2005.He has worked since his return as the first head of the Information Systems Department, where I heal with a group of his colleagues on establishing the department administratively, technically and academically, and he worked on setting the study plan for the department based on the directives of the International Association for Information Systems (AIS) and the American Computer Society (ACM) for the specialization of information systems. Academic and administrative work. At the university, where he worked as the first undersecretary of the Deanship of Development for Student Affairs for a period of two years, after which he moved to become the first general supervisor of electronic administration at the university and supervised the implementation of a project that automated financial and administrative affairs by implementing the SAP system.

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